Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands

Towering Icebergs, Thousands of Penguins, and Tales of Shackleton

Experience three epic destinations of the Southern Ocean: the wildlife-rich oasis of the Falkland Islands, breathtaking South Georgia Island, with its legends of Shackleton and massive colonies of king penguins, and the celebrated Antarctic Peninsula, a dazzling realm of glaciers, icebergs, and towering peaks rising straight from the sea. On this small-ship expedition cruise to an incredible land, adventures by go-anywhere Zodiacs grant you fantastic access to hidden bays full of drifting bergs and shores thronged with chattering penguins and basking elephant seals, while expert naturalists and historians illuminate the mesmerizing world of the Antarctic.

Choose from a Variety of Ships

We offer several exciting voyages to Antarctica aboard a variety of ships. Click on the individual ship names below to see the Detailed Itinerary for that departure, along with specific pricing, ship information, and Arrival & Departure details.


Feb 17-Mar 10, 2016 Sea Spirit
Oct 30-Nov 20, 2016 Hebridean Sky
Nov 5-25, 2016 Sea Spirit
Dec 22, 2016-Jan 9, 2017 Silver Explorer
Jan 5-25, 2017 Sea Spirit
Jan 6-25, 2017 Ocean Diamond
Jan 25-Feb 13, 2017 Hebridean Sky
Feb 22-Mar 13, 2017 Hebridean Sky


Sea Explorer from: $11,595
Sea Spirit from: $13,295
Silver Explorer from: $19,650
Sea Adventurer from: $18,980
Ortelius from: $13,200
Hebridean Sky from: $13,995
Ocean Diamond from: $17,980

Client Comments

This trip was way better than we imagined it could be! Anik C., Victoriaville, Quebec It was the thrill of a lifetime to visit the Falklands and South Georgia in addition to Antarctica. The Zodiac rides were great and the staff was always making every effort for us to see and do everything. Joanne G., Denver, CO The entire expedition staff was awesome! Bernd B., Reno, NV This trip is unique—there is nothing comparable. The expedition director was superb, and the procedures for getting ashore were well organized. There was a rich variety of lectures that expanded the experience and our knowledge. Stuart G., Golden, CO
This was the “trip of a lifetime.” I enjoyed every minute of it! Susan D., Hartland, WI Truly amazing—the trip of a lifetime! Jim and Chris W., Portland, OR It was surreal—like being on another planet. Charles A., Berkeley, CA