Cast adrift from the planet’s other land masses nearly 90 million years ago, Madagascar—just off the east coast of Africa—is one of the earth’s last frontiers, and an irresistible destination for adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts.

The country’s long isolation from the rest of the world has created an evolutionary workshop where you’ll encounter many species found nowhere else: 80% of Madagascar’s wildlife is endemic!

We’ve created several itineraries that get you to the best locations in Madagascar. Our expert Wilderness Travel guides, all skilled professionals who know this unique island as home, are adept at finding the best places to see wildlife. They bring you an insider’s insights and access to Malagasy culture. We invite you to join us for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

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Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path
15 days from: $7695

Explore Madagascar's remote and seldom-visited nature reserves. Visit Ranomafana and Isalo National Parks, and Andasibe Reserve, home to the indri lemurs.

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Magical Madagascar
14 days from: $6495

A once-in-a-lifetime natural history adventure in Madagascar introduces you to a variety of lemurs, surreal landscapes, and botanical wonders found nowhere else on Earth. Explore Andasibe, Berenty, and Ankarana and Amber Mountain National Parks.

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Madagascar In Depth: Lemurs, Baobabs, and Stone Forests
26 days from: $11,595

A once-in-a-lifetime natural history adventure in Madagascar introduces you to a variety of lemurs, surreal landscapes, and botanical wonders found nowhere else on Earth with Trip Leader Roger Williams.

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Madagascar Private Journey
9 days from: $6295

Experience the exotic wildlife of Madagascar on your own Private Journey with exclusive accommodations, private flights, and top-notch guides.

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What Makes WT’s Madagascar Explorations Special?

Madagascar's Most Comprehensive Itineraries — We’ve designed several fascinating itineraries that allow you ample time to experience this island nation in depth, spending time with wildlife and exploring Madagascar’s varied ecosystems, ranging from lush eastern rainforests to spiny deserts in the south and spectacular tsingy pinnacles in the north.

Expert Trip Leaders — Our Trip Leaders live in Madagascar and are experienced naturalists who delight in sharing their knowledge and perspectives. You’ll have benefit of their friendships as you explore villages and markets, learn about community projects, and speak with local experts.

Rare Wildlife Experiences — Watch for “dancing” sifaka, “singing” indri, and many other species of lemurs, as well as the exotic, cat-like fossa, flying foxes, unusual birdlife, chameleons of all sizes (one is as small as your thumbnail), and other remarkable reptiles. Our guides know where to find the wildlife, no matter how well camouflaged.

Authentic Cultural Connections — Malagasy culture—with its blend of indigenous, Indonesian, and French influences—is a special delight. Our local connections provide access to rich insider experiences: you can visit a school and a market, talk with villagers, hear live traditional music, participate in a reforestation project, and learn to cook Malagasy food.

Flexible Hiking and Photo Options — Choose your own pace: photographers who want that perfect shot may opt for a leisurely walk, while those who prefer a physical challenge can take longer hikes. We offer optional early morning outings for birders and night walks to observe nocturnal species.

Expert Logistics — We have more than 20 years’ experience negotiating Madagascar’s limited infrastructure; flights are often changed or cancelled. If needed, we can organize a quick change of plans with minimal impact on your journey. We offer small group sizes and comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles.

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The Most Extensive and Diverse Itineraries
The Most Extensive and Diverse Itineraries
Meet the “Father of Man” at Andasibe

The three-foot-tall indri lemurs, whose Malagasy name is babakoto, or “Father of Man,” are renowned treetop acrobats whose eerie “songs” carry for miles as one troop calls another to establish their territories.

Read more about Andasibe National Park
Revel in a photographer’s paradise

From its weird and wonderful wildlife—including ring-tailed lemurs and spectacularly colorful chameleons—to otherworldly landscapes of baobabs and the spiny forest, to the rich cultural blend created by influences from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the African mainland, Madagascar is a visual delight.

Read more about “A Photographer’s Paradise”
Participate in a reforestation project

Learn about the country’s unique environmental challenges in Andasibe. We’ll meet our guide’s son, who has been involved with reforestation for eight years, and a local man who has worked as a seed collector for 20 years. You’ll have an opportunity to plant a seedling, supporting local conservation efforts.

The tastes of Madagascar

An enchanting blend of French, Indonesian, and African influences, traditional Malagasy cuisine is delicious, and we’ll be sure you sample the best of it. We visit a market to see ingredients ranging from golden-hued turmeric to fragrant local vanilla, and even have a cooking class right in the kitchen of a popular restaurant.

Hike to the tsingy at Ankarana

These fantastic spiky karst formations create a spectacular landscape in Ankarana, which is an important refuge for the distinctive crowned lemur and the small insect-eating songbirds that forage together here in bands. (Tsingy translates to English as Where one cannot walk barefoot.)
*Magical Madagascar trip and the pre-trip extension for the Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path Trip only

Read more about Ankarana National Park
Nature Walks at Amber Mountain National Park

One of Madagascar’s most biodiverse hotspots—with 75 species of birds, 25 species of mammals, 35 species of frogs, and 40 species of butterflies—Amber Mountain is known for abundant waterfalls, crystal-clear crater lakes, huge bird’s nest ferns, and the world’s smallest chameleon.
*Magical Madagascar trip and the pre-trip extension for the Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path Trip only

Read more about Amber Mountain National Park
Participate in unique cultural experiences

Tour a sustainable women’s weaving cooperative, travel to a traditional fishing village by outrigger canoe, and visit an inspiring school founded by a Malagasy couple that is now teaching 380 children ages 4-16.
*Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path itinerary only

Read more about “Cultural Connections”
Watch the sunrise at the Avenue of the Baobabs

See an iconic site in the perfect light. We’ll visit this photogenic area for several days, with opportunities to view it both at sunrise and during the afternoon “golden hour.”
*Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path itinerary only

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