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Guest Reviews Say It Best

The best information about a trip always comes from the people who took the journey. See what our clients say about Camels to Casbahs and our Morocco Trip Leaders. We’ve been operating this trip for more than 15 years and are happy to match you with a past client for a referral—just call us.

I knew this trip would be great but it was BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS! What an exciting, exotic, beautiful, and diverse country. I loved the High Atlas Mountains, so exceptionally scenic, the cities, medinas, and the sights, sounds, and aromas. The people were very friendly and gracious. Marrakesh is a happening, fun city and coastal Essaouira is pretty and peaceful. I loved it all!
Jan J., Gilford, NH
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The Sahara camel trek/camping was definitely the highlight! Waking at sunrise at the dunes was a beautiful sight.
Maria S., Yardley, PA
The Morocco trip was a huge success! We loved its diverse beauty, culture and rich history. The Sahara was our favorite but we enjoyed the entire itinerary. Also loved the Moroccan food and the choices of restaurants! It was really the perfect trip to do with the kids—they were wonderfully enthusiastic and said they will remember the trip forever.
Pamela M.
This was my first group “adventure travel” trip and it exceeded all my expectations. I could not have enjoyed so many aspects of Moroccan life and culture had I been traveling on my own.
Catherine F., Brooklyn, NY
This was the most fascinating trip we have been on with WT. The Sahara, the gorges, and the mountains were my favorites, also the visit with the nomad family.
Margaret J., Charlottesville, VA
An amazing range of sites, landscape, activities: the desert trek was a really unique experience that I’ll remember always; the mountain landscape was gorgeous; visiting Essaouira gave us a taste of the coast; everything was well organized but allowed flexibility.
Heather J., Washington, DC
Everything was first rate. The Desert Camp was simply gorgeous and outstanding in comfort and service. Through the expert leadership and guidance of Ali and the WT staff, we feel we have gotten to know and love Morocco.
Steven A., New York, NY
This is the kind of trip that has you itching to return before it even ends.
Laura B., Seattle, WA
Five smiling travelers pose on a bench in front of intricate Moroccan tilework
I really liked the pace of the trip and the flawless planning. Our Trip Leader has fantastic rapport with the locals throughout the country.
Dave S., Olympia, WA
The trip, itinerary, guides (main guide and every location guide), our driver, hotels, venues we stopped at along the way and everything else far exceeded our expectations. I have visited almost 50 countries and we both agree that Morocco is on the top of our lists.
Barry A.
This trip was well thought out with an itinerary that captures the spirit of the country. It was everything I had hoped for, and this trip had been on my list for years!
Cindy B., St. Louis. MO
Probably the best WT trip we’ve taken, and they were all outstanding!
Robert B., Oakland, CA
Morocco was wonderful in so many ways and I’m sure my impressions were heightened by the flawless trip organization and leadership provided by your tour.
Susan L., Cameron Park, CA
A well designed trip. We saw a lot, traveled a lot, but the pace was just about perfect. We got to see so many different aspects of Moroccan life, in so many different settings. Well done.
Darin P., Rye, NH

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