Experience the Magic of the Galápagos Islands—in WT style!

Small Yacht Travel: the Best Way to Experience The Islands — Wake each morning to a new island to explore, and while you enjoy lunch al fresco on deck, we move to a second fascinating site. Traveling by yacht gives you the greatest variety of wildlife, scenery, and certainly the best snorkeling sites.

Active Adventures, with Hiking, Snorkeling, Zodiac Explorations, and Optional Sea Kayaking — We capture the wonder of Darwin’s legendary archipelago on daily island hikes, on snorkeling excursions that reveal sea turtles, Galápagos penguins, marine iguanas, and a kaleidoscopic array of tropical fish, and on optional explorations by sea kayak.

Our Small Groups Ensure Your Experience Is Personalized — With just 16 guests on the Mary Anne, and 14 guests aboard the Passion, you’ll enjoy wonderful camaraderie—it's an experience not possible on the larger cruise ships.

Explore and Learn with World-Class Trip Leaders — Our Trip Leaders are the best and most experienced in the Galápagos. They are phenomenal teachers and delightful traveling companions with a gift for creating unforgettable experiences.

Our Commitment to Conservation — Wilderness Travel is a proud founding member of the International Galápagos Tour Operators Association (IGTOA), dedicated to the preservation of these extraordinary islands, and we support the Galápagos Conservancy and the Charles Darwin Foundation.

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Three Perfect itineraries

We’ve perfected three epic trips in this enchanting archipelago. No other company can give you such varied choices, and our Galápagos experts are happy to help you find the itinerary that’s right for you. No matter which itinerary you choose, you’ll enjoy hiking, snorkeling, optional sea kayaking, and the unforgettable experience of life aboard a romantic yacht. Each itinerary sees all the major species of the Galápagos, and you can cap off your adventure with an extension to Machu Picchu, the highlands of Ecuador, or the Amazon.

10 days from: $6895

Voyage through the western islands of the Galápagos, snorkel with playful sea lions, hike past dancing blue-footed boobies, and experience the wonder of Darwin's islands on this fascinating 8-day cruise.

10 days from: $6895

Cruise the eastern islands of Darwin's famed archipelago, including Genovesa Island, prime nesting site of beautiful red-footed boobies, colorful South Plaza Island, with its hybrid iguanas, and Santa Fé, a great place to snorkel.

17 days from: $10,995

Aboard our delightful 16-passenger sailing yacht, set out for a comprehensive 15-day cruise through all the major islands of Darwin's "enchanted" archipelago and enjoy one of the greatest natural history experiences in the world.

Boat-Based Trips are the Way to Go

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds: boat-based trips are the only way to experience the Galápagos. Don’t be lured by the promises of land-based operators; you simply cannot experience the full wonders of the islands from a hotel. On our boat journeys, you’ll wake each morning to a completely new island to explore, and we will move to a second fascinating spot while you enjoy lunch on board. This allows you to experience the greatest variety of wildlife, scenery, and certainly the best snorkeling sites. Step on board our elegant yacht, unpack just once, and let us bring you to the enchanting Galápagos as only WT can.

The Mary Anne: Our Classic Sailing Yacht


The three-masted Mary Anne hosts just 16 guests in great comfort. On board, you’ll enjoy an inviting air-conditioned wood-paneled lounge, library stocked with great books and videos on the history and wildlife of the Galápagos, comfortable en suite staterooms, and delightful cuisine. On deck you’ll have lots of room to relax and be treated to the truly romantic ambiance only a classic tall ship can provide. Traveling solo? There’s no extra charge for the single cabins, but availability is limited—book early!

The Galápagos Islands were amazing, and doing it in great style on the Mary Anne made it even better! The ship experience was fantastic, like being on a beautifully maintained private yacht.
— Janet K., Danville CA

The Passion: Our Luxury Yacht


Originally a private mega-yacht, the Passion has been completely refurbished for cruising the Galápagos in chic, sophisticated style. Boats this size usually take three times as many passengers, but the Passion welcomes just 14 lucky guests. If you want to experience the islands in style, this is the way to go! Beautifully furnished public areas include a panoramic sky lounge and bar, and nearly 2,000 square feet of wonderful teakwood decks with multiple places to lounge, including a sundeck hot tub. Gourmet meals are served both in the formal dining room or on the upper deck.

This trip was wonderful. The ship staff were exceptional in their service, professionalism, and interaction with the tour members. The Passion was comfortable, larger than expected and exceptionally clean.
— Mary Lou B., Moraga, CA
When to Go? Any Time of Year!

The islands are a year-round wonder—you simply can’t go wrong. Wildlife activity is always nonstop, with different seasons for courtship, breeding, and nesting behavior. Our winter months are when the land birds begin nesting and green sea turtles start to lay their eggs. In spring, marine iguanas nest on land, blue-footed boobies begin their mating dances, and waved albatrosses arrive on Española. In summer, frigatebird chicks hatch and whales and dolphins follow their migration routes.

The “warm season” (December through May), offers warmer, calmer waters (~77F and great for snorkeling) and a more tropical climate (mid-to-high 80s F and wetter). Typically it’s sunny in the mornings, clouds build in the afternoon, and a short rain shower cools everything off in the late afternoon. During the “dry season” (June to November), the ocean is a bit cooler, (~73F) and air temperatures are very pleasant—in the high 60s to low 70s—and, although the skies are often overcast due to a high fog called the “garua”, it almost never rains.

We schedule our group trips on the Mary Anne for the warm season, but journeys aboard the Passion and Private Trips can take place at any time of the year.

Our Phenomenal Trip Leaders & Crew

Our Trip Leaders

Our Trip Leaders are absolutely extraordinary, both for the depth of their knowledge and the absolute passion—and gift—they have for sharing their expertise. All have university degrees in a biological science as well as all required licensing to guide in the Galápagos. They are wonderful ambassadors for the Galápagos, and delightful traveling companions. In their company, you’ll experience and learn so much as you savor one of the world’s most fascinating natural history destinations.

Our Boat Staff

The top-notch crew of each boat, most of whom are from the islands, provides wonderfully attentive service, with a 2:1 passenger-to-crew ratio aboard the Mary Anne and a 1:1 passenger-to-crew ratio aboard the Passion. Led by experienced captains, they are patient, helpful, hard-working, and take amazing care of you. They excel in every detail, clearly expert in running the boat but also immensely helpful in meeting and anticipating all your needs. They’re also lots of fun and ready with a smile—they love sharing the whole experience with you!

Family with a Tortoise
Make it Your Own Private Trip!

Celebrating a family reunion, graduation, or just wanting to share an adventure with your family or friends? The Galápagos Islands are the perfect destination for a Private Journey and a thrilling experience for all ages. Your group can take over the dates for one of our scheduled trips, or we can charter the Mary Anne (16 guests), the Reina Silvia (12 guests), or the Passion (12 guests) for your chosen dates. You’ll get your own private naturalist guide, crew, and yacht—and the adventure—all to yourselves! It’s the perfect place for a celebration vacation.

Extend Your Adventure

Add to your Galápagos experience with our well-crafted travel extensions, either before or after your trip. Call us to plan yours!

6 days from: $3675

Explore Cusco, the former Inca capital, discover the fortress-ruins of the Sacred Valley, then savor legendary Machu Picchu, the breathtaking mountain sanctuary of the Incas, with an overnight stay near the ruins.

4 days from: $1495

Delve into an authentic experience of the Ecuadorian highlands at the stunning boutique hotel and working farm, Hacienda Zuleta.

6 days from: $2175

Enjoy an unforgettable adventure at Napo Wildlife Center for the best experience of the Ecuadorian Amazon as you canoe, hike, and explore through this pristine forest sanctuary.

Contact our Galápagos Specialist

Our Galápagos Specialist, Jenn, knows every detail about our itineraries, boats, and trip extensions, and will be happy to help you choose the journey that’s right for you!

Download the Brochure

Galapagos Brochure

Download our The Galápagos Islands 2020 brochure, featuring incredible wildlife adventures in Darwin’s Islands aboard the yacht Mary Anne or the luxury yacht Passion. Or request a print copy to be sent by mail.