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Andrea Duggan

Born and raised in Southampton in the UK, Andrea Duggan has been a passionate world traveler and scuba diving instructor since 1998, when she left the UK for Southeast Asia and fell in love with the Asia Pacific marine life. It was during her first trip to Indonesia’s Komodo National Park that she knew she wanted to work underwater in this beautiful country. This is also where she found her passion for freediving. Since 2009, Indonesia has been her home, residing on liveaboard boats, working, planning, and leading trips throughout the entire Indonesian archipelago. Andrea has traveled to every continent and lived in a handful of different countries including Spain, India, Australia, and Thailand. She speaks several different languages and is fluent in both Spanish and Indonesian. She is passionate about the ocean and loves to share her knowledge and enthusiasm about Indonesia’s biodiversity. When not guiding, Andrea enjoys practicing and teaching yoga and sharing her knowledge of Ayurvedic and healing diets as a nutrition coach. "Indonesia is a country that never ceases to amaze me. There is always something new to discover whether it is above or below the water."


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Client Testimonials

Andrea did a wonderful job job educating us, planning our days, keeping us safe, offering us new experiences, and keeping the trip so very enjoyable.
— Susan B., Arlington, VA
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Andrea was one of the best trip leaders we have ever had. She was knowledgeable, patient, funny, and professional. Her expertise was truly amazing in terms of finding the underwater critters and coral that were important.
— Paula S., Sedro Woolley, WA
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Andrea was great! We really enjoyed her leadership and knowledge. Her presentations each evening were very informative and greatly enhanced our snorkeling experience.
— Margaret H., Tucson, AZ
Komodo Snorkeling Expedition
Andrea went out of her way to be inclusive and friendly. She is very well informed and knows the area so well.
— Barbro B., Chico, CA
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Andrea was exceptional—that sums it up completely! Her knowledge of the ecosystem, openness to questions, concern for our needs and desires, the detailed manner in which she planned our schedule and communicated what we were doing each day—allhelped everyone stay informed and engaged. She is one very grounded woman! We appreciated our numerous conversations with her, often about her life of traveling, where she shared a huge amount of detailed information which inspired us. Her snorkeling suggestions helped us to become better snorkelers. We don't think we would have enjoyed the trip as much without her: she was that awesome!
— Gayle P., Whitethorn, CA
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Andrea is a fabulous leader. Her ability to spot and identify plants and animals is amazing. She is friendly, intelligent, and always ready for adventure. I can't imagine a trip without her.
— Karen H., Mission Viejo, CA
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Andrea was an outstanding trip leader in every way. Her underwater knowledge was incredible and she tailored each snorkel to see something different or unusual which she always explained in her briefings. Presenting each of us with a thumb drive with lots of her underwater photos, a map of the route and a day-by day log was a most welcome surprise at the end—really tied the trip together.
— Catherine R., Grand Junction, CO
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Andrea was great at leading the snorkeling group, finding hidden fish and pointing out interesting corals and living creatures. Her presentations were well prepared and delivered; she was overall very pleasant and professional.
— Jean-Claude G., Potomac, MD
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Andrea is a gem. She was intuitive, kind, knowledgeable, and professional at all times. She was a major reason the trip was so wonderful for me.
— Donna D., Los Angeles, CA
Snorkeling Raja Ampat
Andrea is a deeply knowledgeable and dedicated leader. Her guidance, particularly while we were in the water, was indispensable.
— Robert B., Reseda, CA
Snorkeling Raja Ampat