In Patagonia

Tierra del Fuego, Chile, and Argentina

Client Comments

This was an exceptionally designed trip. Words cannot do justice to the scenery and natural abundance in that part of the world, and it was apparent we took advantage of it as much as possible.
— Alicia K., Grosse Pointe Park, MI
This was our first trip with Wilderness Travel, and we were truly spoiled! Our accommodations were simply the best, the group was congenial and lots of fun, we had unbelievably good food on the entire trip, and our trip leader was fabulous. The hikes took us to spectacular scenery that we could only see from hiking there. We also had the luxury of hiking some trails in relative solitude, which was wonderful. I also enjoyed the extra experiences--visiting the working estancia and seeing the sheep herding dog in action, and watching the owner shear a sheep.
— Anna H., Corvallis, OR
This was a tremendous experience and I am so glad I did it. Wilderness Travel planned a wonderful itinerary. Thank you for doing all you do.
— Carin M., Portland, OR
It was a magical experience with every effort possible made to assure that we fully came to appreciate the beauty and culture of Patagonia. And, more to the point, to assure that we enjoyed some of the best hiking we will ever do.
— Skip S., Thetford, VT
This trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, led by a constellation of talented professionals. The itinerary gave us a strong sense of this wondrous place called Patagonia. I saw beauty that left me speechless, learned about and saw some of Patagonia's wondrous natural world—from glaciers to penguins, from the beauty of hidden lagoons to guanaco to pink flamingo—and, on the trail and off, experienced camaraderie that enriched the entire experience.
— Elizabeth W., Hillsborough, NC
This was the best group trip I have been on. Well-organized, great leaders, best group of people I've traveled with, interesting accommodations, extremely well orchestrated.
— Ginger R., Bend, OR
The trip was spectacular. Every day managed to amaze and thrill. I'd have thought we'd eventually get jaded, but no!
— Bill E., Carmel Valley, CA
The trip design and splendor of Patagonia make this trip a wonderful experience in every respect! I can't imagine better hikes in a more spectacular setting. Every day was interesting and new. The trip leaders were great, the flora and fauna were interesting, and the variety of activities made for a trip that exceeded every expectation.
— Nancy L., Indianapolis, IN
Everything about this trip was top rate. What truly sets Wilderness Travel apart from other adventure outfitters we've used is the attention to detail...the small things and the welcomed surprises along the way.
— Craig F., Gainesville, FL
I am very impressed with the exceptional organization and design of this trip—each day was better than the prior! From the smooth transfers, our outstanding guides and driver, to the spectacular hiking and views—all exceeded expectations!
— Laura F., Englewood, CO
We loved the variety, from penguins and glaciers to high deserts and craggy mountains, and loved learning about an area we both truly knew nothing about.
— Linda and Bob Doyle S., Novato, CA
This was a trip of a lifetime. I loved, loved, loved the hiking, the views, the corners turned to find a spectacular glacial lake, towering rocks, a glacier swooping down, a waterfall. What more could a person want??
— Lee W., Riverside, RI
Of all 9 of our wonderful WT adventures, In Patagonia is one of our most memorable. The combination of outstanding WT staff and a truly magical place (plus the good fortune of great weather) made this trip a ‘life list’ experience for us!
— Frank S., Wrightsville Beach, NC
This was a truly exceptional trip where we felt that we were able to fully experience the Patagonian wilderness but from the relative comfort of some wonderful small hotels and estancias.
— Paul F., Croton-On-Hudson, NY
We had excellent weather, an awesome group of people, and a wonderful leader in Carlos Leon. And, we were in Patagonia! That's never a bad thing.
— Marie K., Pittsburgh, PA
It was amazing, the trip of a lifetime. The vast wild open beauty of the Patagonian landscape captured my heart.
— Barbara C., Tempe, AZ
I have seen a lot of beautiful places, but none more beautiful than Patagonia. Every day was a new and amazing hike with unimaginable views.
— Ken G., Orlando, FL
The planning and execution of the trip was flawless. It was a great way to see this large area in a limited amount of time.
— Thomas Y., Sedona, AZ
This was an amazing trip. There are likely few more beautiful places in the world, the guides were fantastic, and the hotels and food great.
— John I., Fremont, CA
I loved the trip—a great experience you could never have on your own.
— Walter Z., Rye Brook, NY
Beautifully structured trip covering key Patagonia locales in the time allotted. The hikes and glacier walk were fabulous.
— Ellen R., New York, NY
We have trekked all over the world. This trip offered some of the most impressive scenery and most knowledgeable guides we've experienced.
— Ivy W., Essex, CT
The trip was fabulous and everything I hoped for and expected.
— Daniel R., Marshall, NC
Hiking in Patagonia has long been a dream of mine. My dream has come true and the trip exceeded my expectations. What beautiful country!
— Darrell K., Danville, CA
One of the top 4 trips I have taken. The guide, people in the group, itinerary, weather, everything was great. How can each day be better than the past? Somehow it was.
— Carla K., St. Simons Island, GA
Wow! What an adventure. I really enjoyed it from start to finish.
— Lynn R., Hilton Head Is., SC
The combination of civilized amenities and virtually untouched natural wonders delighted me throughout the trip.
— Nancy P., Los Angeles, CA
I highly recommend this trip. The itinerary was fabulous, and everything ran like a Swiss watch, on time, seamlessly, and happily.
— Betty G., Kirkland, WA
A great trip! Very well coordinated and all staff were professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to deal with. Will recommend it to my friends.
— Judith R., Albany, NY
You could not have designed a better itinerary. Every day, every lodge, every meal, every experience was (unbelievably) better than the day before. Thank you for making this a phenomenal travel experience that I'll remember for a lifetime.
— Kathie D., Belle Isle, FL
Impeccable itinerary and outstanding implementation. Every day delivered a new 'oh my' because of the variety of the scenery and experiences. Thanks, Wilderness Travel!
— Jan D., Meyersdale, PA
In Patagonia must be your flagship trip. It is spectacular and runs like a well oiled machine with personality.
— Sara K., West Hartford, CT
Having access to this magical landscape with its startlingly beautiful scenery is a gift like no other . . . thank you for making it accessible. As I tell my friends, with WT, you just have to show up and hike!
— Candace S., Palo Alto, CA
Could not have been improved upon. Even the WEATHER was on our side!
— Barbara C., Westmoreland, NH
We were blessed with exceptional weather, so our days in Patagonia were magical and majestic. We also had a great group of travelers and that was just fun! Will highly recommend this to my friends!
— Susan C., Colorado Springs, CO
The trip totally surpassed my expectations. Patagonia was absolutely breathtaking and one of the most spectacular travels I have had so far.
— Elizabeth C., Toronto, Ontario
No adjectives could do justice to this trip. Every bend, every crest on the trail unveiled a new and indescribably beautiful scene—the scale and power of Fitzroy or the Paine Towers looming above, lakes and glaciers in every imaginable shade of blue, a sky full of stars at Chalten. Each day’s hike left us in awe of the majesty of nature.
— Niles B., Madison, WI
The trip design was brilliant. Each day we thought we had captured “the prize” but the next day was even better. How did you do this?
— Peter G., Washington, D.C.
Magnificent scenery, fantastic Trip Leader, excellent local guides, great food, and a fun group of participants made for a wonderful trip!
— Charlaine D., Philadelphia PA
We loved the all-day hikes and also appreciated having options on some hikes.
— Nancy and Tom F., Sarasota, FL
Great scenery, great itinerary, great hikes.
— Bill and Kathleen H., Lafayette, CA
The trip was seamless and smoothly run under all conditions and weather. The itinerary was appealing and comprehensive. All our friends are jealous and we’ll be dining out on this trip for a long time.
— Ed and Lois B., Washington, DC
A lifetime dream and it met my expectations!
— Eugene J., Salt Lake City, UT
Really a fantastic trip. One of the best we have ever taken.
— Steven A., New York, NY
A 5-star experience—unforgettable, well organized, planned, paced.
— Daisy R., New York, NY
One of the best trips we’ve been on!
— Maureen and Frank B., Millerton, NY
We loved the trip. The scenery is fantastic, and the extension to Iguazu Falls was a highlight.
— Nancy L., La Jolla, CA
A fabulous itinerary, with spectacular scenery and hiking opportunities, wildlife, lodge comfort, quality dining, and no altitude—wow!
— Karen G., New York, NY
The trip exceeded my expectations. Each day was a new adventure, and each hike always ended with something new and beautiful to look at.
— Terrell N., Los Angeles, CA
Our first with WT! We loved it. You have a first-class operation.
— Richard and Margaret T., Napa, CA
I had the best possible experience in Patagonia with this trip—the right combination of great hiking, beautiful scenery, traveling with friends, and having great leaders.
— Yvette P., Carbondale, CO
This was an amazing experience. The group size was perfect, the itinerary well paced, the Trip Leaders outstanding.
— Christine S., Redwood City, CA
Wilderness Travel is always a class act, which is why this is our 3rd WT trip.
— Sue M., San Carlos, CA