Enchanted Isles

Wonders of the Western Islands

Client Comments

The knowledge expounded from the trip leaders was nothing short of amazing, the quality of the trip (and food!) was incredible, and the fun factor off the charts. Being aboard the Mary Anne is an amazing experience and so much fun to be aboard a tall ship. The ship's staff unsurpassed at friendliness and experience.
— Karen K., Seattle, WA
This trip was awesome! The trip guide was great and very knowledgeable; the Mary Anne was the coolest boat in the islands; the crew was friendly, helpful, engaging, AND I want to take the chef home with me. The food was such high quality. It was a very active vacation, but you could do as much or as little as you wanted.
— Terri M., Hattiesburg, MS
We were so honored to join this special WT trip to the Galapagos; a once in a lifetime experience. The overall organization was seamless from start to finish. Every person we encountered did their job with a smile; our leader made the daily adventures three-dimensional with her endless knowledge of and care for the environment.
— Tita M., Alameda, CA
The Mary Anne is immaculate and very comfortable. Not only was the food delicious and plentiful, even the presentation was terrific. The crew is so hospitable, friendly, efficient and professional at all times.
— Lisa B., Orono, ME
It was a wonderful experience. We were kept busy and engaged, saw all the highlights we hoped for, learned a lot about the islands (history, flora, fauna), and would absolutely book another Wilderness adventure again.
— Neil M., Berwyn, PA
The captain and crew of the Mary Anne were outstanding! All were helpful, professional, fun, and delightful.
— Nancy Kiernan C., Denver, CO
The staff of the Mary Anne was excellent. The food was superb! High marks for the captain, chef, bartender, and the rest of the staff that was unseen! Their many personal touches, great demeanor, and attentiveness made it an unforgettable experience.
— Ben H., Playa Del Rey, CA
The crew of the Mary Anne were absolutely superb. Friendly, helpful, very good at their jobs, very professional. I fell in love with the Mary Anne...would never consider going on one of the more modern ships!
— Kim J., Carrboro, NC
Sailing on the Mary Anne was a dream come true. I loved every minute and the crew and meals were fabulous!
— Jane K., Utica, NY
This was my second Galapagos trip with Wilderness. It was unbelievable the first time (2005), and it was unbelievable this time as well.
— Parker L., Sylmar, CA
The crew on the Mary Anne was excellent—very attentive and helpful throughout the trip.
— Ann E., Inverness, CA
The Mary Anne's crew was fantastic. The boat was always very clean and the food was not only delicious but healthy!
— Jim K., Hazelhurst, WI
The Mary Anne was a special ship. We all felt like we were on the most elegant, romantic, and classy ship in the islands.
— Debbie H., Winters, CA
Sailing on the Mary Anne was an unbeatable experience. I can't say enough about the professional conduct of the guides and ship's crew. Courteous, kind, and always smiling.
— Kandace S., New River, AZ
Our trip was everything we had hoped it would be and more, and the Mary Anne was the ideal way to experience the Galapagos. The boat captain and crew were also superb—clearly expert in running the boat but also immensely helpful to guests in meeting and anticipating all our needs.
— Julie H., Del Mar, CA
The Galapagos Islands are an extraordinary destination, and this trip is the perfect experience—the ship, the leader, the snorkeling, the hiking, all the unusual wildlife. I did not walk away with one regret.
— Lynne F., Hastings, NE
The Mary Anne is a great vessel—comfortable, cozy, beautifully maintained. Her crew is professional and gracious, from the captain to the lowliest deck hand. And the food was excellent!
— Lynne F., Hastings, NE
Fabulous trip! Magical! The Mary Anne was an incredible way to see the islands.
— Patti S., Lafayette, CA
The Galapagos is such a special destination—you can't NOT enjoy yourself. Life on the Mary Anne was also fabulous. I've never felt more relaxed and disconnected from mundane concerns.
— Janice Z., Richmond, CA
Loved the trip, the itinerary, the activities, and guide. The food was delicious!
— Eliza S., Los Altos, CA
The crew on the Mary Anne were outstanding. They were all hard-working, kept the boat clean at all times, helpful at all times and very nice to everyone. Our guide was extremeley knowledgeable and kept everyone's safety in mind at all times. I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to see the wildlife of the Galapagos up close.
— Tom J., Milwaukee, WI
The Mary Anne was incredible, what an amazing experience, and also I should mention the absolutely wonderful crew, from the captain on down, they were letter-perfect in every way, 100% to each and every one of them.
— Lynn K., Denver, CO
The trip was excellent and definitely lived up to my expectations—the staff on the boat was very professional and polite. The guide was very knowledgeable, and the boat was the perfect size. I particularly loved being outside for some meals and just sitting while we sailed.
— Barbara G., Cambridge, MA
Gorgeous yacht...great itinerary and staff...even the other guests were wonderful!
— Judy A., Alamo, CA
A wonderful trip to an incredibly beautiful and exciting place. The trip was very well thought out and far exceeded my expectations—we also had an incredibly great group of fellow participants.
— Roger C., Conway, MA
Loved the trip. The Mary Anne was a wonderful home for our stay in the Galapagos and the crew was hard-working and attentive.
— Joanne C., Conway, MA
Everything about the trip—from the guide to the food to the accommodation—exceeded my expectations!
— Selena C., Edmonton, Alberta
This was truly a fantastic trip beyond my expectations in quality of itinerary, the varied sightseeing activities—hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, boat accommodation and amenities, staff and guide, and food.
— Jenny C., Calgary, Alberta