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Xi'an Extension

Explore the Cradle of Chinese Civilization

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china guizhou province ceremony masks

China Private Journey

Ancient Cultures & Magnificent Landscapes

In Southwest China, discover exquisite Guizhou Province, a hidden realm of ancient Ming, Old Han, and Miao villages and misty valleys dotted with spirit shrines. Enjoy village-to-village hikes and rare cultural opportunities.

10 days from: TBA

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mongolia marsh lake horses

In the Realm of Genghis Khan

Adventuring from Karakorum to the Gobi Desert

Visit the epic Gobi Desert, Flaming Cliffs, and ancient Karakorum, capital of Genghis Khan’s empire, and watch a Naadam, a traditional Mongolian festival.

13 days from: $5995

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mongolia traditional clothing musicians yurts

Mongolia Private Journey

Land of Genghis Khan

Discover the inspiring landscapes of Mongolia, from the legendary Gobi Desert to the vast steppes of the heart of Mongolia, visit thriving Buddhist monasteries, ride horses (and camels!), and experience the hospitality of traditional nomads.

11 days from: $5795

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mongolia golden eagle festival

Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival

Nomadic Traditions and the Great Gobi Desert

Experience Mongolia's Kazakh culture of the Altai Mountains, witness the Golden Eagle Festival, explore the epic Gobi Desert, and stay at Three Camel Lodge.

12 days from: $7895

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