Glacier National Park Private Journey

Hiking Adventures in Montana's Majestic Rockies

Enjoy world-class hiking with your own private guide in Glacier National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that shelters a million acres of glacier-carved peaks, turquoise lakes, and old-growth forests in the Rockies. Straddling the Continental Divide, this monumental 1,600-square-mile park runs along the northern border of Montana and along the Rocky Mountain Front, where the Rockies meet the prairie. For the Blackfeet people, who live east of the park, this area has always been known as “the backbone of the world,” not because of its dramatically sculpted mountains but because it provided all the things that sustained their culture. Head out on the hiking trails, seek the park’s iconic wildlife, watch stunning Montana sunrises and sunsets, follow the epic Going-to-the-Sun Road over the Continental Divide, and learn about the culture of the Blackfeet Nation. Your private guide is with you all the way, getting you out for early morning wildlife viewing and taking you onto spectacular and less-traveled trails, with an expertly crafted itinerary designed to avoid the crowds. Your guide, Melissa Scott, has over 35 years of experience in Glacier National Park and will unlock its secrets for you. Extend your adventure with two days in Canada’s adjoining Waterton Lakes National Park.

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